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    Hello and welcome back to my blog! Today the last post about my semester abroad will probably appear, because I’m already writing my last exam on Monday. Finally I could not return to Pécs. In general it will probably take some time until I can go back to Hungary again. Nevertheless, the time in Hungary counts as one of the best in my whole studies. When I think back, I get tears in my eyes. I got to know so many great and wonderful people, learned so much, had a lot of fun and took so much with me. I have become even more independent, have experienced first hand what…

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    Not bored at all

    Hello and welcome back to my blog! The previous week before the last, the online courses started for me. How can I put this? It takes some time getting used to it. The lecturer and we students meet in Microsoft teams for a meeting. While we leave our microphones and cameras turned off, because the internet connection is not good enough for 30 people to talk at the same time, the lecturer talks to us and shares his or her screen with us so we can watch the presentation. Even though everyone tries hard to make it as “normal” and exciting as possible, it doesn’t really work. However, I’m glad…

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    The Temporary End

    Welcome back to my blog! This article is the hardest to write for me so far, because I am back in Germany. The last week began as usual. I attended the lectures, met my friends and from one day to the next it was like this: The university will be closed for the while due to the corona virus and I will go back to East Frisia. On Wednesday afternoon of March 11th I stood at the train station in Pécs and welcomed my boyfriend whom I had not seen for seven weeks. Afterwards we went to the apartment we had booked. It was located in the middle of the…

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    The first month in Hungary

    Hello, welcome back to a new article! About a month ago I arrived in Hungary. I can’t really grasp how fast time passes. I have experienced a lot in the past month. A lot of good things, but also negative ones. At the moment my health is unfortunately weak, so I have to take it easy at the weekend to be fit again by Monday. In the meantime I am with my grandmother and I will be nursed a little. Furthermore, there are many things I have to do for the university. Among other things I have to give two presentations next week, write a paper and take a test.…

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    Flag-Party, Mohács and other incidents

    Welcome back to a new article! The week just flew by. At the beginning of the week there were lectures, homework and presentations on the schedule. Beyond that I still had to do some paperwork. When I left the building after my Hungarian lessons on Thursday morning, the weather was beautiful again. So I decided to walk the two kilometers to the dormitory. At noon I drove to my grandmother. There I used the time and the rest to do all the tasks for the university to have more free time on the weekend. On Friday the so-called “Flag Party” took place. Everybody brought the flag of his country to…

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    Today I take you on a little journey back in time. In the morning of the 15.02 I went together with my grandma to Tiszakécske to visit my grandpa. The two live about 140 km apart. The journey there and back takes 2.5 hours each. On the one hand this is due to the fact that the route only leads over country roads and on the other hand because in Hungary on country roads only 90 km/h are allowed and of course there are several villages on the way.

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    The first week in Pécs

    Welcome back to a new article! On Monday afternoon (it was the the 3rd February) I moved to Pécs. The dormitory is located not far outside the city centre, but is very easy reachable by bus. Directly in front of the dormitory there is a video monitored parking lot where I can park my car. After I arrived, I went to the reception to register. For this, I only had to fill in some documents, show my identity card and pay the deposit. I now live on the first floor and from my room I have a view to the parking lot of the dormitory from where I have a…