Semester Abroad 2020

The first day in Pécs

Hello from Hungary!

The first official event of the university took place on 29.01 in the library. At first all foreign students were welcomed and small welcome presents were distributed. After that a few presentations followed, also by a policeman, about the laws in Hungary and other greetings. Afterwards there was a short break and we enjoyed an extensive buffet. After the refreshment one of the local students came and collected all the newcomers of the faculty “Business and Economics”, including me. He showed us the administration building of the university and the building where our lectures will take place. The University of Pécs has ten faculties in total. Each of them has its own building. The buildings are spread all over the city.

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Faculty of Business and Economics

After the short guided tour, the faculty held an extra welcoming event. About 90 people attended the main event. They all study at different faculties. Of the total of foreign students, about 30 people are studying with me. During the guided tour we had the opportunity to get to know each other a little better. After the tour was over, there was still some time left and we took the opportunity to have a quick meal together. The students come from many different countries such as the USA, the Netherlands, Azerbaijan, Bosnia, France, Japan, China, … All of us immediately got along well and talked a lot. After we were also welcomed by the faculty, we registered for the local university system. At about 3 pm we were then “dismissed”. We used the remaining daylight to have a closer look at the city center of Pécs. I have already been there ten years ago, but not much of it remained, so there was a lot to be amazed about. The following pictures show a small impression of the city centre of Pécs.
Until the weekend I still live with my grandma. Probably I will go to Budapest on Friday or Saturday and stay until Sunday. From Monday on I will officially move into the student dormitory in Pécs.

Until then, your Patrizia!

Szehényi Tér with the János Hunyadi statue and the mosque
Szehényi Tér (name of the marketplace)
The city hall
“Megyeház”- Regional administration
Szehényi Tér
View from one of the streets to the “mountains”

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  • Elke Bontjer-Dobertin

    An das Rathaus in Pécs habe ich eine schwache Erinnerung, aber sonst auch nichts. Patrizia, ich wünsche Dir einen tofften Aufenthalt und natürlich ein Studium, dass ich gewaltig nach vorne katapultiert. Liebe Grüße an Mami und Szolt und Papi ebenso! Und wer Dir da sonst noch so von der Verwandtschaft über den Weg läuft.
    Liebe Grüße, Umarmung und Küssjen
    Deine OmaElke

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