Semester Abroad 2020

Flag-Party, Mohács and other incidents

Welcome back to a new article! The week just flew by. At the beginning of the week there were lectures, homework and presentations on the schedule. Beyond that I still had to do some paperwork. When I left the building after my Hungarian lessons on Thursday morning, the weather was beautiful again. So I decided to walk the two kilometers to the dormitory. At noon I drove to my grandmother. There I used the time and the rest to do all the tasks for the university to have more free time on the weekend.

On Friday the so-called “Flag Party” took place. Everybody brought the flag of his country to celebrate together. The disco was decorated with almost all flags of the world. At the entrance the flag of your nationality was painted on your cheek so that you knew immediately who was from which country. This was an indescribable feeling. So many people from everywhere and all singing the same songs, dancing and drinking together. The team spirit and the sense of unity were just incredible. We were just young people who wanted to have fun together. Especially when you look at what’s going on and what’s going wrong on our planet right now. This friendliness, the team spirit and the we-feeling are great. I am happy to be able to experience this here and to see that there are so many tolerant, friendly and open-minded people.

Pécsi Est the place of the Flag-Party

After I went to bed at about half past three, I slept in the next morning. Actually we had planned to go to the zoo with several people. But all of them, except Destin, cancelled. Nevertheless we decided to spend the day together and enjoy the sunny and warm weather. At this point again a big thank you to you, it was a great day. Unfortunately, it was already too late for the zoo, so I picked him up from home and we went to the city to have some “breakfast” (at 2 pm, mark my words; small insertion: Destin comes from Finland and studies with me in the Faculty of Business and Economics. He has rented an apartment in the city centre and is one of the few who don’t live in Szánto). After our hunger was satisfied, we went to the Vasarely Museum. Victor Vasarely was a Hungarian painter (*1906- † 1997) who lived in France most of his life. He became famous for his special 3D drawings and paintings. Because of the many optical illusions Vasarely brought into his works, we could not get out of the amazement. The museum is definitely worth a visit!

One of Vasarelys paintings- Fun Fact: You can also find it in my parents living room
Another of Vaserelys pictures

Afterwards we strolled through the city. Because Destin took part in the city tour, which was organized by the ESN, he could show me some nice corners. Thereby very nice photos were taken, which I don’t want to withhold from you.

Place in front of the cathedral
The cathedral

On Sunday the “Ehök Busójárás” took place in Mohács. Mohács is a small town near Pécs, which is located directly on the Danube and is also only a few kilometres away from the Serbian border. The whole event was titled as a kind of carnival. But when it comes to Busójárás in Mohács, just forget everything you know about carnival. But more about that later. For now I would like to say one more thing: Especially what I am about to tell you is my personal, subjective experience and opinion. Everybody should form his own opinion. Busójárás is a very traditional and well-known event and worth a visit for curious people. Mohács was then occupied by the Turks. But according to the legend, one day the inhabitants of the town had enough of the occupation and disguised themselves and drove the Turks out of the town. At the annual festival, which is the biggest and most famous carnival festival in Hungary, the men put on this disguise and walk around the town. The disguise looks very spooky and like it has come straight out of hell.

The traditional clothing

That was all we knew before the carnival and also everything I had found on the internet. We also knew that the men were teasing and frightening the women a bit. However, nobody told us that the men take advantage of their disguises and go completely over the top. At best, the men hug the women and dance with them. In the worst case, a woman is surrounded and grabbed by several disguised men. And by grabbed, I mean breasts, buttocks, stomach – just about everything. They didn’t stop, even if a women screams and fights back. Also someone grabbed me from behind and twisted my arms behind my back, but I could fight back and run away. They often have long rods with them, with which they walk between women’s legs. After the carnival almost everyone was very upset. From some Hungarian women I learned afterwards that the women who go there know about the behaviour and thus give their silent consent. In addition, sexual harassment and equal rights are not yet such an issue in Hungary as they are in Germany and other western countries. For me as a woman and feminist this was a very unpleasant and unbelievable experience. Nobody informed us before and a “no” was rarely or not at all accepted.

The crowning glory was the fire. A huge bonfire was prepared in the middle of the town hall square, which was ceremonially lit and symbolizes the end of winter. The view as the flames spread into the night sky was truly breathtaking.

Symbolizing the end of winter

Another week ends now and I have very mixed feelings at the moment because of what has happened. I would be happy if you as a reader would let me know what you think about the traditions in Mohács. I am also interested in what you would like to know more about in the future. Please leave me a comment or an e-mail! I am also very happy about feedback.

See you soon,



  • Elke Bontjer-Dobertin

    Moin mein Liebes,
    das war ja wieder ein sehr interessanter Bericht! Dankeschön für Deine Mühe. Das Treiben in Mohacs hat mich sehr an Borkum erinnert. Die Klaasohms sehen ähnlich aus, nur dass sie riesige Hauben aus Möwenfedern über den Köpfen haben. Die Gesichter kann man ebenfalls nicht erkennen. Aber weibliche Personen werden von den mitlaufenden Fängern festgehalten, und mit großen Kuhhörnern wird der Rücken “poliert”. Das habe ich selber erfahren und nicht gewusst, welche Farben die malträtierten Stellen annehmen können. Frauen, die diese Sitte kennen, halten sich lieber fern. Mir war das zwar bekannt, da ich aber herausbekommen hatte, dass der Middelste Klaasohm einer von den Jungens war, die stets bei mir auf dem Hof waren, fühlte ich mich irgendwie sicher. Ich hätte wohl nicht rufen sollen: Hee Atze!! Denn es darf niemand wissen, wer unter den Masken steckt. Das war dann mein Verhängnis. Ohne das hätte ich aber auch nicht erfahren, wie schnell ich laufen und über Gräben und Hecken hüpfen konnte!

    Ich finde, dass jene, die in Mohacs zu dem Spektakel wollten, hätten mit den Gepflogenheiten vertraut gemacht werden müssen. Es ist ein Unding, wie da gehandelt wird. Nur gut, dass das vorbei ist. Hoffentlich hat Dir dieser Schock nicht allzu sehr zugesetzt. Hätte ein Begleiter Dich beschützen können? Warst Du alleine da?

    Patrizia, das, was Du mitteilst, ist so interessant, ich wüsste nicht, worauf Du Dich fokussieren solltest. Schreib so, wie und wonach Dir ist. Ich begleite dich soo gerne bei Deinen Unternehmungen! Liebe Grüße an Mámi und Pápi und Szolt.

    Am Freitag hatten wir eine außerordentliche Mitgliederversammlung im Museum. Dein Vater, mein Sohn, (mein ganzer Stolz!) hat fabelhaft dargestellt, was einen neuen Vorstand erwartet und zu tun hat. Zu Unserer Begeisterung hat sich Sarah Schweerke zur 1. Vorsitzenden bereit erklärt. Dazu tritt sie vom Pachtvertrag für die Teestube, in dem sie zusammen mit ihrer Schwester vermerkt ist, zurück. Damit wäre der Weg an die Spitze vom MM frei. Es sieht also nicht mehr so düster aus.

    Meine Liebe, ich wünsche Dir sehr, dass Du nicht die Lust am Studium verlierst und gute Leute um Dich hast, damit Du nicht alleine bist, wenn Du was unternehmen willst. Allerbestes wünscht Dir mit herzlieben Grüßen und Kuss Deine OmaElke

  • George

    Hey…thank you again for doing this blog! It’s really awesome for someone like me, who is looking forward to visit Hungary, you r giving a live in experience as on what to expect and what to experience!! Looking forward to more and Keep going!! ✌️

    • Patrizia

      Hey, George. Thank you so much! I´m happy that you like it. If you need any trip advice feel free to ask me. Hope you will enjoy the next articles as well. See you!

  • blog3001

    An outstanding share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a colleague who has been doing a little homework on this.
    And he actually ordered me lunch due to the fact that I discovered
    it for him… lol. So allow me to reword this…. Thanks for the meal!!
    But yeah, thanks for spending some time to talk about this matter here on your blog.

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